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We work in cooperation with the most experienced electricians in Leicester. You can trust us whenever you need an Emergency electrician in Leicester or a surrounding area.


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Don’t wait until you have six electronic devices going into one outlet, and you smell wires burning while the lights dim after you turn on your air conditioner. The local electricians in Leicester offer Wiring Services, 24-hour Electrical Services, Lighting Services, and many other services in the Leicester area. Contact us as soon as you have any questions about your electrical system. Your safety is paramount.

24-hour Electricians in Leicester offer estimates and will walk through your project with you.

Leicester Electricians offer the highest quality of 24 hour home improvements services. They can install or perform maintenance work on your old or new electrical system. One point of these professionals’ expertise lies in providing you high quality and professional service 24h/7.

The professionals provide a wide variety of electrical services to local businesses and residential clients. They are properly trained and licensed. From electrical installation and inspection to repair and maintenance work, you can count on us to keep it working optimally and safely. The electricians can analyze, map and diagnose any fault that compromises the safety and efficiency of your electrical system. We provide very good customer service to ensure complete satisfaction. We will be more than happy to help you with anything.

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It comes as no surprise that many businesses and homeowners depend on us for their electrical work. We strive to provide high service standards at all times.

Our call center agents are trained to provide superior service when you need us the most.

The professionals also strive to minimize the inconvenience by working as efficiently as possible. This allows them to reduce the impact on your day to day activities. You can take advantage of the experts’ professional and customized service to install, repair or maintain storage heaters, security alarms and power showers.


In addition to emergency electrical repair services, the professionals provide test certificates at affordable prices. As a customer, you benefit from estimates on rewiring and panel work. Enlisting the help of the professional electricians that collaborate with us allows you to enjoy the peace of mind, knowing that your electrical installations are reliable and safe.

The experts are fully cognizant of the applicable regulations and standards. This enables them to follow standard procedures when installing, repairing, testing and maintaining your installations. Additionally, they hold the required insurance to ensure full coverage when working on your property, which is one of the key benefits of enlisting the services of a professional emergency electrician.

The Emergency Electricians 24/7 in your local area cover:

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Storage Heaters

Storage heaters provide a viable way to benefit from off-peak electricity rates. The professionals that collaborate with us have many years of experience working with this type of fixtures.

Power Showers

A well-fitted shower provides an awesome way to enjoy bathing time. You can rely on the professionals that collaborate with us to install and repair power showers in order to ensure optimal operation.

Security Alarms

The electricians can also install burglar and fire alarm systems in Leicester. They also handle maintenance and repair work to ensure that you are always protected.

Test Certificates

Electrical installations certification is one of the key services the electricians provide to customers in Leicester and beyond. Testing helps you comply with a number of national and international electrical standards.

Electrician Repair

You can count on us to respond quickly to all the callouts. We will provide you with electricians who can handle fault finding and any repair work needed to keep your installations working properly.


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