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Looking for highly trained and courteous technicians that are dependable and always trustworthy? Then, you have come to the right place because we will connect you with a professional and helpful electrician in Greenwich. Moreover, we can ensure that every service call or contract will be attended to immediately by our customer service. At the same time, they will swiftly relay the information to the nearest electrician nearby. Additionally, they will arrive at your house and will perform abiding by the Electrical Safety Code in a short amount of time. Indeed, safety is always our primary concern. Their work is assured unconditionally and done with care and dedication according to Safety Standards.

Above all, the technicians we collaborate with, will do any electrical project from installation, replacement, and repair, to rewiring old aluminium circuits in order to keep your appliances running properly. The knowledgeable electricians will answer any questions that you may have because they want you to understand. The highly qualified electricians will survey your home to provide you with all the possible options available to meet your needs.

Emergency Electrician in London

Kitchen Refurbishments

Electrical Rewiring

Electrician Repair

Storage Heaters

Power Showers

Socket Outlets

Test Certificates

Safety Alarms

RCD Tripping

Electrical Fault Finding

Fuse Box Tripping

Tripping Switch


Electrical Rewiring

When you try to complete electrical rewires on your own, you are putting your health, other people’s health, and properties at risk. Electrical work is a risky business to complete since electrical rewires could result in shock and fires.

Electrical Repair

Just what is an electrical fault? To put it simply, an electrical problem in an electrical system is an abnormal condition that causes a disruption in the regular electrical flow. And when an electrical fault occurs, it can pose a serious risk. The electricians provide 24hour electrical repair.

Electrical Safety Certificate

We strongly recommend you to have the electrical installation tested before buying a home.  However, statistics show that a small number of buyers had pre-purchase electrics tested. But this is illegal and can pose you to life-threatening situations.

Power Shower

Most shower faults can start as a minor annoyance but, ignoring them can turn into a serious issue. If there is a shower problem at your house, don’t hesitate to contact us. Whether it’s an emergency or a planned booking; the professionals will repair the fault.

Safety Alarm

Your smoke detectors are one of the most critical but often ignored safety devices located inside your home. As their name suggests, these devices are used for detecting excessive smoke in your home and shielding you from fire hazards.

Storage Heater

The key to storage heaters consists of heat-retaining clay bricks, elements, and insulation. When the elements heat up on the bricks, they are turned on. This is called heater charging. The insulation then, maintains much of the heat inside the enclosure.