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The reasons for water leaks around a boiler


Operating a boiler can require more maintenance and diligence than other domestic heating options. Here are four reasons for water leaks:

Pressure problems

All boilers are equipped with a special pressure relief tube. This is a small connection point on the side of the boiler, without fittings, which drips water from time to time. This allows the pressure inside the boiler to escape.

Occasional drips are normal. Sometimes one worries that it is a leak and plugs it, but for the pressure outlet pipe, it is the worst thing one can do. The boiler could explode or collapse.
Since occasional water drops are the boiler’s way of discharging excess pressure, a large amount of water in the outlet could mean that the outlet pipe is working overtime and dripping more frequently. If there is water directly under the boiler on a daily basis, the pressure inside the tank may need to be reduced.

Damaged seals

Another cause of water leakage around the boiler can be damaged boiler seals. This may allow water to escape during normal use, or the boiler pump may even push water out through the broken seals. In this case, it is a good idea to replace both the seals and the pump to solve the problem.

To confirm the cause of the problem, it is a good idea to examine the sides and bottom of the tank to see if water is actually leaking out of the gasket.

Cracks in the body

As the boiler ages, the metal can suffer stress damage. These will be evident if they are the source of the water leakage. Repeated heating and cooling expands and contracts the piece of metal, eventually leading to a failure such as a crack or split.

A crack in one of these sections is a serious problem and repair can be expensive. If your boiler is old, consider replacing it with a completely new one.

Loose joints

If you have a big leak around your boiler, the situation could be much worse than loose joints. In this case, the solution is quick. Loose joints can often cause a leak around the boiler during hot and cold contraction and expansion, so you need to check all the boiler fittings and all the pipes going in and out of the boiler. When checking, also check the vent valve and make sure it is not loose or damaged. This can cause water to accumulate.

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